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Kommissionens förordning EU nr 965/2012 av den 5 oktober

Delayed dispatch. Maintenance check (pre -departure service check). 2021-03-19 Planning minima for an ETOPS en-route alternate aerodrome (d) Planning minima for an ETOPS en-route alternate. Shading indicates the areas in which the en-route alternate aerodrome should be located The last possible point of diversion to any available en-route alternate aerodrome shall be determined. Additional requirements for operations by aeroplanes with turbine engines beyond 60 minutes to an en-route alternate aerodrome including extended diversion time operations (EDTO) that the weather conditions were at or above the ETOPS Alternate Airport minima specified in the operator's operations specifications. Sources: 121.624(b)(1) 4.

Etops alternate planning minima

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To qualify, an AD must be „suitable“: adequate – PLUS, WX forecast at / above ETOPS planning minima (which are more restrictive than for regular alternate). Winter is coming ️😱 – and the AD’s closest to route and Atlantic coast were “unsuitable” or close to. ETOPS flight personnel and planning Flight crew procedure Communication and navigation facilities. Critical fuel scenario Critical fuel reserve ETOPS alternate aerodrome selection ETOPS alternate planning minima Pre-dispatch and post-dispatch weather minima Computerized flight plan Delayed dispatch Maintenance check ( pre- An ETOPS en route alternate airport means an adequate airport that is listed in the private operator’s operations manual and meets the planning minima specified in section 3. 3. Planning minima for an ETOPS en route alternate To be suitable to be listed in the flight plan as an ETOPS en route alternate aerodrome, Please note that a minimum of 90 working days will normally be required to process and issue an ETOPS approval – if data is missing or omitted the process may take considerably longer. Swedish Transport Agency – Compliance Checklist ETOPS- Version 2017-07-03.

ESSG ETOPS extended range operations with two-engined aeroplanes. av M Modin · 2014 — the World” shall identify the airline planning process from the time a flight resources could be used for the purpose of the Alternate Chief Pilot. If it is not possible to 2 LPC's planned and flown as ETOPS within the last 4 years.

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3 Apr 2014 forecast to meet en-route alternate weather are provided to flight crews for use when executing a diversion when normal planning minima  6 Jan 2011 APMINSRC (Airport Minima Database Source) . also be required to do ETOPS flight planning and flight operations when beyond 180 minutes from an aircraft can be expected to arrive at the ETOPS alternate airport. 19 Feb 2015 No planning minima after T/O. State.

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Etops alternate planning minima

En tolerans på 1 (ETOPS) / long range operations (LROPS), reduced vertical sepa- ration minima to provide alternate instructions to those described in the subparagraph als such as Reduced Vertical Separation Minima (RVSM), Minimum. iii) verksamhet i luftrum med reducerade vertikala separationsminima (RVSM), som används för långdistansflygning (ETOPS) inom kommersiell flygtransport, a) Flygningar i samband med införande eller ändring av flygplans-, alternativ startflygplats (take-off alternate aerodrome) : en alternativ  Inom segelflygplans- och ballongvärlden använder man ofta begreppet ”pilot-in- OPS 1.225 Operativa minima vid flygplats: utan ETOPS-godkännande en-route alternate (aerodrome) (sträckalternativ – flygplats). ESSG. B.33 Mission planning data recordings and Flight recordings V-2B-25 B.31.1.11 Type of operation (VFR, IFR, ETOPS, Ferry flight, etc.) 2 Operating minima for departure, destination and alternate aerodromes or war bases;  De delar i kapitel D som avser RVSM, ETOPS, MNPS, PBN har flyttats till Part SPA. Tillägg 1(Nytt) till OPS (Operativa minima vid flygplats).

MEL – ETOPS specific. ETOPS service check and technical  Planning minima for destination alternate aerodrome(s): Type of approach Planning Minima Cat II and III Planning minima for an ETOPS en-route alternate. Determination of ETOPS alternate airports; Passenger recovery plans; Rescue As a minimum, an ETOPS validation flight or flights must be completed prior to  The operator shall specify any required ETOPS en-route alternate aerodrome(s) in the operational flight plan and ATS flight plan.
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• Operator's approved diversion time.

§ 121.628 - Inoperable instruments and equipment. § 121.629 - Operation in icing conditions. § 121.631 - Original dispatch or flight release, redispatch or amendment of dispatch or flight release.
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Kommissionens förordning EU nr 965/2012 av den 5 oktober

Planeringsminima för destinationen och  ska två alternativa destinationsflygplatser väljas ut.


19 Feb 2015 No planning minima after T/O. State. Utilization of suitable airport. Ref. OM-A, Basic regulation destination, T/O alternate. ETOPS alternate. ETOPS alternate aerodrome selection. ETOPS alternate planning minima. Pre- dispatch and post-dispatch weather minima.

Pre-dispatch and post-dispatch weather minima. Computerised flight plan. Delayed dispatch.